Welcome to ExCL! We are excited to collaborate with users exploring emerging computing technologies.

The Experimental Computing Lab (ExCL) is a laboratory designed for computer science research. At a time where heterogeneity defines the path forward, this system offers heterogeneous resources that researchers can use in their work. The computational resources provided by ExCL comprise diverse technologies in terms of chips, memories, and storage. ExCL will also adapt to the ever-changing computing ecosystem and will incorporate the latest technology and make it available to its users.

The system will support full configurability of the software stack. Users will be able to provision bare metal nodes and network interconnects to meet their computational requirements.

The Experimental Computing Lab will offer a mix of exclusive access nodes and shared nodes where users will be able to carry out their research. It follows a novel design that allows a high degree of flexibility for users and administrators to accommodate a wide range of experiments.

The exclusive access nodes allow privileged bare metal access to the entire compute node to the users. Bare metal provisioning offers users the flexibility of privileged access to the hardware resources while using a cloud-based environment.

ExCL has been designed and is managed by researchers at the Advanced Computing Research Section of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Users of the system can work together with these experts to increase their productivity.

All user documentation is available online here. User content creation is encouraged.

Contact us for more information about the system and if you are interested in becoming a user or to sign up for our periodic newsletter.

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